Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Magic Growing Chelonian Egg Reveal

Recently we were at a great little shop called The Turtle Factory and More. Be on the look out for a great post about them and what they offer soon.This is a family ran business in a quaint fishing village. While we were there we received this great toy for review.

Fill a container with warm water and gently place the egg in the water.

Now the hard part you wait and wait and wait.After 12 hours:

Waiting it is so hard not to just bust it open and see the prize!After 24 hours:

And we are still waiting and getting so excited.Just look at it.After 36 hours:

Finally the moment we have waited for and boy was it worth the wait! After 48 hours we have a baby sea turtle!!

Okay , so by now you probably guessed he is one of those "growing" creatures that expand with water.He grew and grew until the shell busted and he could float out. BUT do you ever touch them and get that slimy gooey feeling once your creature is large and fresh out of the water?Yeah , me too yuck.Let me tell you this turtle is not slimey.It is rubbery , but not gooey and not slimey.

I hope you will stop by The Turtle Factory and More, and get your very own turtle or they have a dinosaur! These guys are under $5 and will make for a for a fun weekend project with all this cold weather!

*Disclaimer I received this product free or reduced for my honest review.The opinion is 100% my own.

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