Sunday, May 1, 2016

Another Unhappy Holiday on the Road to Christmas

We are blessed to have children and my wife is a mother. BUT this is not a happy time for some ladies.They have empty arms this holiday and long for them to be filled with the joy of a newborn , a toddler , a child , a teen.People take it for granted that everyone celebrates Mother's Day. Some have buried their mother , some never had a mother , some will never be a mother.This day is full of reminders of what they long for or who they are missing.Please try to reach out to them.A phone call that isn't a reminder , lunch , a text , or just be there.They are not unhappy for you , but sad for themselves.Holiday depression is not just something people feel at Christmas.To all the UN- Mother's Day ladies out there enjoy your day.Celebrate being a lady and try to find someone to watch a video with or have brunch at home.You ARE important. You ARE special to someone.Hug yourself and know the day is almost over.

This is not just the ladies.Many men are in this same place we haven't forgotten your pain.Hug your spouse and celebrate together. Celebrate making it despite the pain and struggle.You too ARE important.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Valentine's Day

Another crappy holiday...Maybe you are alone or maybe with someone and still alone.You can be 100% in love and alone.Depression sucks and life at the holidays can suck! So when you are out there sharing your Valentine Day gifts and being happy, well,don't expect others to be happy! Some just are not "happy" some are depressed not by life as it can be a fairy tale and still suck the life from you.To all those feeling less than lovey dovey YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I will add these promos as I find these or please comment ones you have seen or know about!

Hooters is giving 10 free wings when you buy 10 on Feb.14 , 2016 to shred your ex's photo. No ex? Just copy some face offline and write all the crap you want to shred! Depression , Sadness , Loneliness , Hopelessness , WHATEVER! and hang out with some people shredding old crappy memories. #ShredYourEx

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Do Christmas Trees Do in January?

Have you ever wondered what a Christmas tree does in January? Do they weep for not being picked to decorate a home? Do they dance with glee for not being picked? What do they do on a cold January night strong and tall at the Christmas tree farm? They twinkle , shine , glow , and sway.They decorate a much bigger home the home of Mother Earth......This my friends is what a Christmas tree does on a cold snowy January night it.

**Photo courtesy of William Rigsbee used with consent.

Magic Growing Chelonian Egg Reveal

Recently we were at a great little shop called The Turtle Factory and More. Be on the look out for a great post about them and what they offer soon.This is a family ran business in a quaint fishing village. While we were there we received this great toy for review.

Fill a container with warm water and gently place the egg in the water.

Now the hard part you wait and wait and wait.After 12 hours:

Waiting it is so hard not to just bust it open and see the prize!After 24 hours:

And we are still waiting and getting so excited.Just look at it.After 36 hours:

Finally the moment we have waited for and boy was it worth the wait! After 48 hours we have a baby sea turtle!!

Okay , so by now you probably guessed he is one of those "growing" creatures that expand with water.He grew and grew until the shell busted and he could float out. BUT do you ever touch them and get that slimy gooey feeling once your creature is large and fresh out of the water?Yeah , me too yuck.Let me tell you this turtle is not slimey.It is rubbery , but not gooey and not slimey.

I hope you will stop by The Turtle Factory and More, and get your very own turtle or they have a dinosaur! These guys are under $5 and will make for a for a fun weekend project with all this cold weather!

*Disclaimer I received this product free or reduced for my honest review.The opinion is 100% my own.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Jackpot Candles

I want to start by saying Jackpot Candles has excellent customer service.My first candle arrived in a bit of a mess.It was broken despite being wrapped and packaged very well.I am sure this is part to blame on the time of year.After all this is the busiest post office time of year! This is my 1st candle:
I promptly contacted the company and received an email very quickly.They were very easy to work with on getting a new candle and apologized.The new candle went out super fast and arrived in perfect condition!

I was super excited to light the candle and find my prize , the necklace. Jackpot Candles allows you to pick a ring with size choice , earrings ,or a necklace.The jewelry has a small tag with a code that you type in the appraisal spot on their website to see the value. They come in a wide variety of scents to appeal to most anyone , mine was Vanilla Cupcake, and are soy based.They come with a lid so you can snuff out the candle.The lid will also keep dust out of the candle when not in use.

The candle had a very even burn and a nice pool.The throw was a bit weak on this scent , but on others the throw has been very nice.It had a nice light vanilla scent which was pleasant.I had the candle burning about 4 hours the first day and no sign of the prize.The lid worked great to snuff out the candle and no smoke/burn smell when it was out.The next day I had it burning about 6 hours and the foil from the prize was visible.

I used tweezers to pull out the foil package and inside was a tiny baggy holding the necklace.I gently used a paper towel to wipe off the wax and then let the wax remaining harden.Once it was cool I opened the bag and revealed my prize.

The necklace was very cute with crystals. I was a little disappointed in the necklace. Who doesn't want to find a real gemstone in these right? But it is really nice and would be a great gift for a tween/teen. Being a Mimi aka Grandmother I would love these from the grandkids. I also think they would make a great teacher, neighbor, or best friend gifts. The real prize is the anticipation . It was almost like being a child waiting for Santa!

Jackpot Candles are made in the USA ,soy based , hand poured candles!

****Disclaimer I received the Jackpot Candles candle for my review free. The opinion is my own and it is not a paid endorcement.****

Sunday, January 17, 2016

NEWLY DESIGNED! Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror Reiew

We used this in a couple of places to see how it functioned! It is great in the shower , closet , and lockers! The size is perfecr to move it around.You will need new adhesive when you move it! It would be great in the back a a big rig since it is shatter proof and small.It only hooks on th ehook so you can remove it and use it anywhere! This is greatto grab to see the back of your hair , tweeze eye brows , or play with the grandkids aka a toddler make overs on MiMi!

The Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror has a new design.It is fogless so you can shave in the shower and save time in the morning.It is small so no clutter in the shower.It veen includes a razor holder to keep right by the mirror or up out of children's reach!Ladies maybe you do not need a mirror in the shower.It works great anywhere!

This mirror comes with a sticky backing to apply anywhere.The ideas are endless in the car , closet , gym locker , school locker , office locker , office cubicle , and teens room , down low for a small child!This oval shaped mirror is shatter proof.If you need a large mirror this is not what you need , but if you need a small mirror for small spaces it is great!.

It does leave residue when you remove the holder part so if you rent I would don't place on dry wall.It isn't intended for that kind of use! It also needs to be away from the direct stream of water in the shower water.It stayed fogless and I was able to shave.Since it is smaller I did need to move around a bit to see all areas of my face.This is the only issue I had in using it!.


1 Stainless Steel Mirror Wall Mount

1 Stainless Steel Shaving Razor Wall Mount

1 Shatter-Proof Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Buy it here on Amazon .com

INSTALLATION - Clean the area very well with alcohol or window cleaner after a good scrub.Let dry 100%.This is a "sticker" pad to hold the mirror so needs a good clean base to hold properly!

WARNING- You also an only use mild soap and water to clean it chemicals will scratch and etch it!

HASSLE-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied within 30-Days, please return your Fogless Shower Mirror for a No-Questions Asked, Full-Refund.

*Disclaimer- I reveived this free for an honest review.The opinion is 100% my own.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mpow 3.5mm Handsfree Stereo Earphones

MPow 3.5mm Handsfree Stereo Earphones are great earbuds.They have controls right on the cord for sound and a slider so they work with most phones.I love to watch movies on my tablet and the slider gives me a theater sound unlike my current earbuds.They fit comfortably in your ear with the soft ear piece and strong metal tips.

I would recommend these for a teen or anyone who is prone to losing their earbuds since they are affordable and excellent quality.These are also great for runners since they drown out a lot of noise and stay in place.The on cord controls make it easy to adjust when running.

MPow 3.5mm Handsfree Stereo Earphones


Speaker Size- 10 0.2mm

Frequency Range- 20-10,000 Hz

Sensitivity- 100 3dB

Impedance- 160 10%

Cable Length- 120 2cm


Universal Nokia phones and adapters

General Samsung , IPhone , HTC , Red Rice , and other Android phones.

(( I used mine with an Android tablet , PC , and Kindle Fire and they worked perfectly too.))

Sold on www.Amazon.Com and details on

Disclaimer- I received these free for my review from MPow. The opinion is 100% my own.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Funding Christmas 2016 for Free

Welcome to 2016 time to scramble to pay for all the gifts and holiday cheer of 2015. We all resolve to spend less next year or to start earlier.This year we are starting today!I know some may have seen the 52 week plans floating around and they are great.My plan will take that a step father.

Step One:Make a List

Make a list of everyone you plan to buy for including about five unexpected gifts.That office party , school exchange , neighbor , and so on that pop up every year.

Now make a budget per person.This is what you would like to spend at the very least.$5-$10 is enough for the unexpected gifts.Then add them up

Step Two:Divide The Total

Everyone has a different pay period and income.The plan floating is weekly and equals about $1300 at the end of the year.This is an amazing plan , but may be more or less than you personal need.



Total- $800 toinclude food , decorations , travel , ect.

Weekly- approx. $15

Bi-Weekly- approx. $30



Total- $3500 toinclude food , decorations , travel , ect.

Weekly- approx. $68

Bi-Weekly- approx. $135


This is alot of money! What if I told you you could get some of this 100% FREE?I have your attention?Great!

Here is a list of places to earn giftcards and points to spend on Christmas..

1.PaPa is a Shop Your Way Personal Shopper.:Sign Up to add PaPa as your Personal SYW Shopper to get deals from Kmart and Sears 100% free or very cheap.

Have you used Shop Your Way?They have coupons , surprise points , and sweeps to get points that equal cash! Hundreds of people bought free items with sweeps/points this past Christmas!

2. Search Engines like Swagbucks

and Bing

3. My Coke Rewards

This one ends 3/2016 , but they usually start a new one! just save your coke codes off products and get giftcards or prizes

4.Download your receipts and earn giftcrads!

Receipt Hog


My Ibbotta Use code fhojuuu

5.Samples for Stockings:


Do you know of other sites to get free giftcards or places with shopping rewards like Shop Your Way?Share them in the comments.

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