Friday, January 29, 2016

Valentine's Day

Another crappy holiday...Maybe you are alone or maybe with someone and still alone.You can be 100% in love and alone.Depression sucks and life at the holidays can suck! So when you are out there sharing your Valentine Day gifts and being happy, well,don't expect others to be happy! Some just are not "happy" some are depressed not by life as it can be a fairy tale and still suck the life from you.To all those feeling less than lovey dovey YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I will add these promos as I find these or please comment ones you have seen or know about!

Hooters is giving 10 free wings when you buy 10 on Feb.14 , 2016 to shred your ex's photo. No ex? Just copy some face offline and write all the crap you want to shred! Depression , Sadness , Loneliness , Hopelessness , WHATEVER! and hang out with some people shredding old crappy memories. #ShredYourEx

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